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Queen Palm

Queen Palm

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The Queen Palm is native to South America, specifically regions in Brazil and Argentina. It is one of the most popular palm trees due to its easy care and maintenance. The queen palm tree is a fast-growing palm, averaging 50 feet tall with foliage 25 feet wide. It has a distinctive appearance with an exceptionally straight trunk, and arching bright green vertical leaves. During the summer, thick white blossoms appear on the palm, and in the wintertime the palm will bear dates. These palm trees are becoming popular in outside areas, and can survive both tropical and subtropical climates. They can also survive colder climates as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and are moderately drought resistant.

Also available in a 45" box, please inquire or stop by!

Zone 12,13,15-17,19-24;H1,H2

Syagrus Romanzoffianum

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